Arabesque - Лучшие Хиты Нон-Стоп

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Hello, Mr. Monkey 0:00
Midnight Dancer 3:25
In for a Penny, in for a Pound 7:05
In the Heat of a Disco-Night 10:05
Born to Reggae 13:21
Friday Night 16:48
ZANZIBAR (Radio Edit) 21:03
Caballero 24:13
Billy's Barbeque 28:11
Rock Me After Midnight 30:57
Once in a Blue Moon 34:46
The Man with the Gun 38:05
Fools Paradise 41:01
Someone Is Waiting for You 44:26
Catch Me Tiger 48:27
Lucifers Lover 53:18
Give It Up 56:48
Six Times a Day 1:00:42
The End of the Show 1:03:49
Love Is Just a Game 1:08:03
Keep the Wolf from the Door 1:12:25
I Stand by You 1:16:41
Fly High, Little Butterfly 1:20:25
Don't Fall Away from Me 1:23:50
Dance, Dance, Dance 1:27:23
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