Группа “Systems In Blue“ - Лучшие Хиты

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Le Vent M'a Dit 0:00
There's No Heart 4:16
Point of No Return 8:11
Magic Mystery 11:38
A Thousand and One Nights 15:32
Winner 19:21
Take It Like a Man 23:20
Don't Walk Into the Light 28:13
Tree of Love 31:40
Play for Me the Melody of Love 35:21
How I'm Gonna Catch You 39:20
It's Not Bad to Believe 43:13
Calling Lady Loraine 47:04
Every Little Thing 50:29
Only You Can Break My Heart 54:26
Lady Ocean 58:19
Voodoo Queen 1:02:01
Avalon (And She's Gone) 1:06:20
Lola Better to Fall In Love 1:10:55
Dr. No 1:14:36
Back in Blue 1:18:05
Gambler 1:22:19
Heaven & Hell 1:26:14
And in the End 1:29:50
Shangri-La 1:34:39
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